Tingent is a rapidly growing agency devoted to matching the world’s best talent with leading edge tech companies for growth and development. The right person for the right assignment. Every time. No rolodex required. Tingent partners with Klarna, Spotify, Dice, Tink and Tobii, among others.

Our vision is to redefine what it means to have a job.

We humans are dynamic, evolving, curious creatures and our careers should reflect that. Signing restrictive contracts or anchoring ourselves to one company for years on end shouldn’t be the norm. By refocusing the search for great work around the truth of what companies and consultants are passionate about – not just CVs, cover letters and references – the norms can change and a new freedom of opportunity can flourish on both sides of the job hunt.

Yes, finding great tech talent is hard

but sharpshooting for skills based on the particular demands of an assignment makes all the difference. And we believe job skills go a lot further when there’s passion behind them, which is why we built our company around maximizing the freedom companies have in choosing the best talent for their projects and the freedom consultants have to do what they’re most passionate about. The result is higher quality, more innovative work that encourages new skill sets to develop. Win-win. The way it should be.

We were born out of the tech industry

and we know its people like we know family. To us, that’s exactly how it should be. Matching those people with the right opportunities is serious business to us, and our aim is to leave projects in the best hands available with both sides feeling like they just won the lottery.

We know what it means to be a developer

which is why we have our talent’s back beyond serving up job descriptions. With expertise in all the administrative and legal hoops you’ll have to jump through on the way to your dream career, we want you taking flight with confidence. As your agent, we’re the wind beneath your wings, matching you with the best opportunities available and negotiating tirelessly on your behalf to get you into open air where you belong.

What to expect

We know tech.

With deep industry experience we work at the bleeding edge of new companies and technologies to stay on top of the best opportunities in the market.

Our goal is always to find the perfect match,

not to make the perfect sale. To us, forcing anything defeats the purpose of making a match in the first place. Our consultants should take on the assignments they choose, and our companies should take on the consultants they love. We’re just here to play cupid.

Great connections don’t mean much if they don’t get the job done.

While our approach to finding uniquely qualified, passionate consultants for our clients is the key to our success, we always keep our eyes on the target: Completing projects swiftly and beautifully.

To sum up:

We know tech and we know its people. It’s an industry with unique challenges and we’re uniquely positioned to solve them.