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Flying Solo

Freelancing already or thinking about starting? Being your partner and matching you with assignments is serious business to us. More than half our network is made up of freelancers. We know what it means to be a freelancer in a technical world.

“I like working with Tingent because they really want to have a personal relationship with their consultants. Many companies just want to fill an empty spot but Tingent actually care about the assignment being a good match for both the client and the consultant.

The fact that they work with the top companies in the industry is also a plus!”

Axel Bengtsson

Frontend Developer @ Discovery

Connect with us and this is what will happen

We will get in touch with you

Someone from our Partner Relations team will reach out to you as soon as possible.

You tell us what you want

We want to know what you are passionate about.

We will match

We always strive to find the perfect match. We will do our very best to find and present assignments we think you'll be interested in based on your skills, preferences, personality and professional goals.

You choose

It’s important for us that we find an assignment that you are genuinely interested in. Transparency is key here!

We will present you to our client

A perfect match needs to go both ways. We are always eager to get feedback as soon as possible from our client regarding your profile's fit for the assignment.


We will do our very best to prep you before your interview and we will also accompany you during the interview, if you want us to! Afterwards we will do everything in our power to gather more useful feedback from the client.

Your new gig, congratulations!

We handle all invoicing and administration during your assignment and make sure you get paid on time. We'll follow up on how things are going and whenever you are ready for your next gig, we are here for you!

Sounds like a plan?

We'll help you get off the ground

Set up your own company

Swedish Aktiebolag or Enskild Firma? There are pros and cons with either, so let us tell you how we can help you get started. < Read more >

Sharpen your consultant profile

A stellar consultant profile is key for getting the interview. Download our template and instructions < here >

Get the right insurance

One of the first steps when starting your own business should always be to find out what kind of insurance you need and why. Our partner can help you with that. < Read more >

Before your interview

Know what you are good at, be proud of it and learn how to express it during an interview. You will find our best tips < here >

Accounting & admin

Many hesitate to start their own company due to concerns about being drowned in administration and paperwork. Let's take that out of the equations. < Read this >

Meet the right people

You will be part of our close-knit network and get invited to workshops, events and after works where you will meet other like-minded professionals.

Ready for takeoff? Let's talk!

Andreas Samuelsson

Head of Partner Relations

+46 70 864 16 71