Been decorating the digital landscape since: 2007

Flying solo since: 2015

Current assignment: Spotify

WOW projects: Rebtel Activist,




1998 CS beta version 5.2. My brother and his friends played all the time and they would never let me join; apparently gaming wasn't for girls. It’s one of those things that you can look back on and realise might have changed just about everything for you.

Jessica has always been a firm believer in calling bullshit when she hears it. It didn’t seem right to her that something she found interesting wouldn’t be available to her because she’s a she. 9 years later Jessica had about 50 000 hours of CS in her track record and was competing in the Electronic Sports World Cup.

It's not just a game. Gaming is a huge reason to why Jessica is a designer today, for a long period of time she had her passion for gaming as her main educational platform. "that's where I learned user experience, interface, behavior design, psychological patterns and what intuition and adaption meant for a human-tech interaction environment. Behavior design for both the digital and analog world."

Self taught through gaming - that was her slogan. Then she joined Hyper Island and a few more pieces were added to the puzzle.

"The most interesting with design is to research and study the behaviour and psychology behind the scenes. What inclines people to their choices, what triggers them and how did they perceive it. What makes people loyal to this brand but not that one? Tiny but significant details that makes all the difference in behaviour."

When she has to choose the most interesting project so far it's not easy. But the winner is "I joined at the very beginning of the project. It was really fun, challenging and rewarding to create something from scratch. I worked very tight with the developers throughout the entire project, which lasted for about 1,5 years.

Right now Jessica adds to the Core Experience team at Spotify. "I would say I'm normally a startup kinda gal, but I really enjoy working with Spotify. It's a big organisation but they differ in being so data-driven.

I can measure every change that I have an incentive to do. I can validate my hypothesis in a more correct way thanks to all the data.

Spotify is so incredibly data-driven, which is more challenging but at the same time you become so much wiser. And on top of all I am surrounded by so incredibly talented designers. It's a knowledge sharing without it's equal. I'm fed with so much knowledge and new perspectives all the time.”

What's the perks of being a freelancer?

The flexibility and freedom. That me myself and I have all the saying in which projects I’m gonna work with. I can make sure that I’m always in a place where I add value, and where my skills are being valued. I only join projects where I'm challenged, stimulated and know that I can bring something new to the table. As a consultant you always have a free card to challenge, you are there because you have a specialist area and fresh eyes, so that’s a big part of your job. You don’t need to care about internal structures and politics.

It’s a great feeling to always feel needed and you are only staying as long as you add value.

Tips to those who want to fly solo?

Find your edge. Know what you are good at, be proud of it and learn how to express it during an interview. Your passion will shine on your competitors. Learn your worth and be able to explain your value and what you can bring to the table. It’s not necessarily your years. You should never stop learning just because you are a freelancer. Network!

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