Developing things since: 2005

Flying solo since: 2018

Current assignment: Truecaller and Welcomeapp

WOW project: Magplus


Scala Developer

Truecaller & Welcomeapp

I started working with Welcomeapp 2 years ago. I liked the idea straight away and I saw it as a good way for me to contribute in some way.

Welcomeapp is an (drumroll) app that makes it easy for just about anyone to welcome and connect with people that are new to your country.

Newly arrived people can ask questions that private individuals can choose to answer. It can be everything from what to bring when invited to a dinner party in Sweden or how to find a football team in your new city. There is also a function for social activities, where you can invite new arrivals to things, such as playing football or going to the cinema.

I got a chance to use my skills to contribute to something that I think is very good. You can tell that people benefit from it. There are many people who would never have met without the app.

I think that’s one of the most interesting parts of development.Your work is about solving problems and creating solutions for other people.

And everything is constantly moving. There’s an endlessness of reading, listening and discussing to keep yourself up to date with all that’s evolving.

Besides from working with Welcomeapp Mikael is also reinforcing the Scala team at Truecaller. It’s a very interesting job with a lot of optimization. The app has a lot of traffic and users. Truecaller is a very dynamic and international company, and they really made me feel part of the team from the very beginning.

One of the most interesting projects I have worked on was Magplus. It was a few years ago and the mission was to digitize newspapers and thrill people into reading newspapers on their phones and iPads. We were a small team and we worked with such interesting new techniques. Steve Jobs even used the app when introducing the first iPad to show how they imagined reading magazines would look like on this new device.

What's the perks of being a freelancer?

That I have the possibility to work with several projects at the same time. I have all the saying in what assignments I’m gonna sign on to and how long I’m gonna stay. It’s easier to change assignment than to quit your job. I can choose how many hours to put in and I never have to feel that I have to make up for lost time or that I’m behind. It’s a freedom thing.

One other great thing is that I have the possibility to save money in my company to maybe realize a business idea of my own sometime in the future. And that doesn't have to be a big step either since I can still work on other assignments half the time.

Tips to those who want to fly solo?

Find someone to help you with the company-stuff, like finance and accounting. And then just do it! There’s really nothing to hesitate about. It took me about a month from the first step to having an assignment as a free agent.

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