Been developing things since: 2001

Flying solo since: Forever

Current assignment: Kambi

WOW projects: Algorhythm (not yet released)


Javascript developer


“I found the code when I was about 12 years old. Long story short: a complete disaster in school, started a new one and met a friend who spent all his time building websites. He taught me the basics, however most importantly he taught me how to teach myself by experimenting with the code. I joined different communities and realised I could contribute through code. Build websites, ticket booking systems etc. After a while I started building more serious websites to people. Heck of a feeling to get paid to do your hobby.”

“I started taking development seriously when i was about 18” Together with some friends Philip formed MESH and started on a today still ongoing project. "I became so devoted to this project and my personal development exploded during the first couple of years. I learned so much. How to deploy an app to production, how it should be stable, convert a lot of traffic etc etc. This project developed me into a real fullstack.”

The coolest thing about development is when someone use what you have built. Not only programming, but also when someone wants to get something done and they use your tool for it. That’s really rewarding!

The most interesting project so far must be my long term commitment Algorhythm. It’s this music streaming service we’re building on the sidelines. Me and my friends are real music lovers and we wanted a better tool for finding and discovering new music. So we’ve been working on one for about three years now and hope to release it very soon. Stay tuned! (red. note)

What I get from kambi; “First of all they are extremely professional in our relationship, I get treated the same way as all the regular employees, and they make sure I feel good at work and that I can develop my skills.It’s a new experience for me to be part of something as big as Kambi. Despite the organization having roughly 500 developers worldwide, the development runs smoothly and it's both fun and impressive to witness this as a previous solo developer I feel that I contribute but it’s also kind of nice that it’s not just hanging on my shoulders.”

What's the perks of being a freelancer?

Part from having been broke since I graduated, and now get to earn money, it’s the main acknowledgment that I have real use of my skills and everything I’ve learned throughout my my own projects. Even though I'm technically on my own, I never feel alone. Right now I belong to Kambi, where I feel appreciated and stimulated, and at the same time I'm a part of Tingent. Safe and stable life with no worries. I strongly believe that you develop so much more when taking on new assignments, and I find it hard to believe that you can get the same variation on a regular job. And also: I love travelling and I get to work remote 2 weeks every quarter to do just that.

Tips to those who want to fly solo?

If you feel insecure or just not sure if you have enough experience, I would say: Whatever you do, as long as you do it well and thorough, whether it’s shit or not or if it doesn’t fly, you have learned something. So you will benefit from it anyway. Know and use that!

I have worked with my own projects and tested on my own stuff and that’s what’s given me the most, it’s at the least as valuable as having a “real job”.

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