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Are you a gaming studio on the hunt for a new revenue stream? Or are you just eager to level up your game projects with lightning speed? Look no further!

Tingent Studios is all about supporting game studios to be able to keep doing what they are passionate about; Creating breathtaking and stunning games.

We can offer you co-dev teams that always will stick to their mission and that have reached the max level of knowledge about what it takes to launch the next big gaming success – whether it's for PC, mobile, or console. We are here to boost your studio so you can continue your journey and reach your final goal; to release that game!

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Co-dev sounds cool – but what is it?


We worked with Tingent Studios to find a co-dev team to assist us with the creation of Meta Gameplay for our upcoming multiplayer game. Tingent found us a partner that not only met our technical requirements but also aligned well with our company culture.

Erik Näslund

Lead Producer, Toca Boca


"Partnering with Tingent studios for our co-dev assignment was an absolute pleasure! Their dedication to maintaining open dialogue and identifying the perfect match for our team made the entire process truly enjoyable and rewarding"

John Rejnäs

Studio Director, The Fully Arcade


"By taking a co-dev through Tingent Studios at their Client we got the opportunity to still work together as a team, while doing something meaningful and relevant to us."

Linda Kiby Zetterman

CEO, Warpzone Studios

What typ of services do we provide?

This is just some samples, so whatever need you for your game project, feel free to reach out and tell us what you're looking for. We got the firepower! Contact at Ola or add him on Discord: OlaGrandas#7977.

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